• Want a way of storing all those notes, photos, pictures and websites without losing them in multiple apps?
  • Ever had a need to group random stuff together in a way that's easy to remember?
  • Just need to gather information now, for later sorting?
  • Find staring at lists of text leaves you cold?
  • Often take photos of book covers, posters, hand written notes for visual reminders?
  • Want to make the process of creating and organising notes as painless as possible?



Then Total Notes is Your App

It's Organised

  • Multiple screens allow you to organise notes your way.
  • Notes can be moved, layered and tiled with simple gestures.
  • Innovative scrap and trash spaces.

It's Visual

  • Powerful HTML-based style, color and font control.
  • Notes can be written in a combination of text, HTML and extended markdown.
  • View notes full screen without distractions.
  • Clean, minimalist, modern user interface.

It's Fast

  • Additional keyboards and user-defined shortcuts to facilitate faster note taking.
  • One tap note creation from keyboard, web, camera and photo roll.
  • Streamlined, gesture-based control to cut down on endless menu taps.